Matsumura Orthodox Shōrin-ryū

Matsumora Orthodox Shorin Ryu is a style of martial art that was brought to Okinawa by a Chinese envoy named Kusanku. In Okinawa, Kusanku’s style was combined with the local style of boxing named Te (hand) and became known as Kara-Te (first China Hand and then Empty Hand). Sokon (Bushi) Matsumura, the royal bodyguard of the Okinawan king, perfected this art and handed it down through direct family lineage. Nabe Matsumura (the grandson of Sokon Matsumura) taught the style to his nephew, Hohan Soken, who went on to found Matsumura Seito (Orthodox) Shōrin-ryū to distinguish it as containing the original kata as taught by Bushi Matsumura. Our dojo teaches the original katas that were developed by Matsumura paired with the Hakutsuru (white crane) kata taught to Hohan Soken (and further developed by others in our lineage) by the Chinese tea merchant Go Kenki. These kata stress the actual combat applications of the art, including nerve strikes, grappling, body alignment and pressure point techniques.

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  • Kihon 1-6
  • Fukyu Kata 1
  • Fukyu Kata Nidan
  • Naihanchi Kata Shodan
  • Naihanchi Kata Nidan
  • Naihanchi Kata Sandan
  • Pinan Shodan
  • Pinan Nidan
  • Pinan Yondan
  • Wansu
  • Seisan
  • Ananku
  • Pasai Sho
  • Pasai Dai
  • Tomari Rohai
  • Mountain Rohai
  • Matsumura Rohai
  • Chinto
  • Kusanku
  • Tsuru Sanchin
  • Gojushiho
  • Ryushoken
  • Tao Lung Nidan (School Form)


  • Oso Hakutsuru Sho
  • Oso Hakutsuru Dai
  • Oso Hakutsuru San he
  • Ryuken Sanchin
  • Okaku
  • Ryuto Chiken
  • Rokishu
  • Gohoken

Charateristics of Matsumora Orthodox Shorin Ryu

At Crane Karate Academy, you’ll learn Okinawan katas and self-defense techniques that incorporate hand strikes, elbow strikes, kicks, knees, joint locks, and throws. We incorporate body conditioning, calisthenics, sparring, and breaking to build confidence, focus, strength, and speed. You will find that we place significant emphasis on developing basics and conditioning to create a solid foundation for both health and to allow people to safely execute the more advanced techniques of our system. At the foundational layer, our style incorporates hard blocks and strikes. As you progress into the more intermediate and advanced levels of skill, our system transitions to a much softer style focusing on flow, control, and quickly stopping an attacker. Students will progress at a rate that is comfortable for them and will only be asked to perform at a level that is appropriate to their limitations, strengths, and weaknesses. Training and requirements can be modified to account for any life circumstances. Please freely ask for any accommodations that you require and let your instructor know of any injuries you have at the start of each class.