Our Mission

We teach traditional Okinawan karate to instill the virtues of respect, courtesy, humility, discipline, perseverance, honesty, and loyalty in order to better our community and the lives of those living in it.



Matsumora Orthodox Shorin Ryu is a style of martial art that was brought to Okinawan by a Chinese envoy named Kusanku. In Okinawa, Kusanku’s style was combined with the local style of boxing named Te (hand) and became known as Kara-Te (first China Hand and then Empty Hand). Bushi Matsumura, the royal bodyguard of the Okinawan king, perfected this art and handed it down through direct family lineage.

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Traditional karate, modern self-defense.

At Crane Karate Academy, you’ll learn Okinawan katas and self-defense techniques that incorporate hand
strikes, elbow strikes, kicks, knees, joint locks, and throws.

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We Offer

We are currently offering both group and private lessons in traditonal martial arts and women's self defense for all ages. A sliding payment scale is available to ensure access to training regardless of income or life circumstances. Call or email to learn more about our programs.